Payroll Services

Because of the ins and outs of various laws and the IRS, payroll is no small feat for any business owner, big or small. During the growth of your business you may have tried to cut cost by doing more on your own. However, we know how precious the gift of time is to the success of a business. We offer the best payroll solutions in order to meet your business needs and take care of your employees. Alleviating you of this stress allows for more time to focus on what is most important- your evergrowing business. This being said, we also know the value of a dollar and how tempting it may be to skip out on hiring someone else to do this task. So, why should you outsource your payroll? Simple... 

1. It's more cost effective in the end. When you outsource payroll, you are able to use each member of your staff in a more vital and efficient manner. This reduces overhead by removing the demand to hire on specialized employees. 

2. It saves time! No more data entry, no more spending hours researching updated or new laws, and no more burden of customizing and updating your own payroll system. 

3. Cut the stress. Calculating and filing your own payroll taxes can be risky and stressful. Allowing a professional to do this for you eliminates this risk and can provide you with a peace of mind. 

4. Allows you to focus more on your employees, business, and self. Kim Clenney & Company is a team of professionals who will take care of you and your company so that you can focus on what is important. 

5. We provide you with comprehensive payroll reports that are user friendly and easy to understand. You will always stay in the loop and know every detail about payroll for your company. After all we work for YOU!